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... that's everything, right? Not sure what else a person could need, but that about covers what we'll be discussing here. You may know me from the once-semi-popular, now laid-to-rest, My Hands Made It, a blog with essentially the exact same focus, but ... younger. I was planning a wedding, making my first few dresses and building my business from the very ground up, while decorating a rental that was never quite right. Now I'm ... OLDER, married, a mother, transitioning my business into something that brings me more joy with less stress and more stability (please tell me that's possible) and decorating a home we own and love.

This blog will be dedicated to high-fashion construction and home design and tutorials, and I hope it will become a place to inspire and excite you. I'm really looking forward to making weird and beautiful things for myself again, and I'm excited to share the process here. Please subscribe to the blog for updates - I've got some really gorgeous things already underway!