Beaded Lace Chemise - Complete

This was a quick project, but I'm really happy with the results. I went back and forth so many times about the neckline finishing and whether or not to use bows, and if I used them, where should they go? Should there be one bow? Two bows? Is black too much? Should I add some of that beaded border from the bottom into the neckline as well? Does the organic edge on the lace look too prairie? What am I even doing? Does everyone know I'm a fraud??


But, eventually you have to just say 'DONE' and either accept it and feel marginally good about what you've made, or stuff it in the back of your unfinished projects bin and hope someday in the future you'll know what it needs (even though you're probably better off tossing it in with your to-be-donated pile, because if you hate it now, you'll likely hate it always. Trust.).

But hey! I like this! I imagine wearing it with a pair of suuuuper high-waisted, black, skin-tight flares with the largest bells imaginable, maybe/definitely covered in flowers, with a black longline bra. Not prairie AT ALL, just very romantic and totally sheer and beautiful. I even love it over a black turtleneck and jeans, which I learned completely by accident while taking pictures of the shoulder detail, trying to decide if the bows were a 'go'. So, even though it's very frilly and lacey and beaded and flowing, it's still fairly versatile.

Of course before all this, it will travel with Tamara Gruner to Provence to be photographed on some gorgeous model in a dreamy chateau. Cannot wait to see what they do with it.